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Time to start getting ready for uni!

By bzdani 19 Jul 2021

It won't be long until you're fully packed and en route to your new home or sitting in your induction lectures...

Yes, it is a super exciting time to be alive (and maybe a just little nervewracking), but it's also time to start preparing yourself for a big change.

To make sure you're ready to go, we've made a list of things you need to do so that you're prepared for #UniLife:

1. Join your accommodation Facebook

As soon as you've figured out where you will be living, find your accommodation's Facebook page and get involved. There will be useful information on there to help you with your first few steps at uni, and you might even be able to find your future flatmates.

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2. Work out your budget  

There's no such thing as being too organised when it comes to being a uni student! Whether or not you have a student loan, grant, or your parents are helping you out, it's important to work out how much money you'll have beforehand. It's (too) easy to spend lots of money when you first arrive and then find yourself living off rations for a few weeks...

3. Set up a student bank account

You're going to need somewhere to put all your cash if you don't already have a bank account. Student accounts are made to help you figure out your money and some come with overdrafts for emergencies or even freebies like a FREE railcard.

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4. Make note of important arrivals information

You're going to get sent a LOT of information about arrivals ´╗┐and it's important you pay attention to this so that you know exactly what to do once you arrive on campus. You don't want to be a lost puppy dog when you get there...

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5. Invest in rail and coach cards

If your student account doesn't offer one of these, there are worth buying. Even if you're close to home, getting a student rail or coach card is smart! You'll probably want to visit friends who may have moved to different cities and if you don't have a car, trains and buses will become your best friend. 

6. Research your new home 

Unless you are super laid back and adventurous, you probably research a new country before you travel to it, right? Use the next couple of months to find interesting places in your new city and think of where you'll visit once you arrive in your new stomping ground.

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7. Go shopping

Depending on the type of person you are, this could be VERY exciting or your worst nightmare. Once you find out what is (and isn't) provided in your accommodation once you move in, you can make a list of things you need to buy.

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8. Get a check-up at the doctors

This is just to make sure you're in tip-top shape and have had all the immunisations that you need. It will save you a lot of time and hassle doing it BEFORE you get to uni. It's worth registering with a GP in your new city before you move too because it's a lot of hassle to do when you've moved and are already full of Freshers Flu!

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Excited about your new adventure? You should be, it's going to be pretty amazing!

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