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Make Your Room Your Home

By jhobson 02 Nov 2018

When you arrive in accommodation, your room is a blank canvas. Check out our top 5 tips for making your room in halls feel more like home! 

1. Photos and Posters

All of our student rooms have a pin board for you to use. Make your room feel more like home with photos of some of your favourite memories with friends and family, or pets! Put up some posters from your favourite TV show or a cardboard cut-out of your favourite celebrity. As long as you can take it down without damaging the walls, you can express your personality!

2. Plants

Keep the air in your room fresh and add a splash of green with a small house plant. Make sure you keep it watered and close to the window. Make it even easier and get a cactus or succulent that you don't need to water as often. The Students' Union organise a plant sale on campus at several points throughout the year, look out for posters around campus letting you know when it's going to be!

3. Lighting

Brighten up your room with some extra lights to make it more cosy in the evenings. A desk lamp is a great idea to keep your room well lit when your working. Candles and plug-in fairy lights aren't allowed in our student rooms but you're more than welcome to have battery-operated fairy lights. If you're not sure whether it's ok to use something in your room then just ask at reception.

4. Throws and Cushions

Blankets, throws and cushions are great for making your room more interesting and adding a bit of cosiness and warmth. You can get good ones at a fair price from places like Wilko and Primark, they're great for making your room more comfortable in the winter months!

5. Storage

Jazz up your room with storage boxes and drawers in different colours or styles to suit you. There are loads of different options available online or in stores like Wilko. Come along to our Transformation Tuesday's Craft Nights to get involved in making your own decorations such as storage boxes and photo frames.

Not sure what you can and can't do to your student room? Ask us at your hall reception and we'd be happy to advise you on how to decorate your room without causing any damage to the walls or furniture.

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jhobson a UOL Student and Marketing Co-ordinator for Accommodation and Residence Life. Get in touch by emailing or calling 0116 223 1493.
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