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Life after lockdown

By jhobson 28 Apr 2021

During the pandemic and lockdowns, we’ve all had to adapt to a new way of living and working - getting used to the uncertainty of the situation. Now the restrictions are starting to ease and we’re moving back towards a sense of normality it’s important to make sure you feel comfortable embracing post-lockdown life!

Pace yourself

Ease back into normal life and don’t feel rushed. Plan the things you really want to do and go out at quieter times of the day if that makes things more comfortable for you. For over a year we’ve been told about the dangers of meeting others, so it’s understandable to feel a bit daunted. But try to challenge yourself so you aren’t deliberately isolating yourself after lockdown ends.

Choose what you want to go back to

You might not have taken up baking or gone out for a run every day through lockdown, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been useful! During our time staying at home, it’s allowed us to stop and think about what we really enjoy. What activities and which people did you miss the most and can’t wait to get back to? Similarly, which ones may have been harmful to your mental health that you might not want to pick back up? Use the end of lockdown as an opportunity for a fresh start!

It’s okay to be anxious

It’s okay if you’re still worried about coronavirus and want to keep to some of the restrictions, even though they may no longer be legally required. Don’t let people pressure you. If you still wish to meet a limited number of people, stay at home, social distance or wear a face covering it’s okay to make that choice.

Coping with grief

Many people will have faced the loss of someone close during lockdown, and with attendance at funerals restricted this has made it even more difficult. You may find that some of the feelings you haven’t been able to express as easily now will come out after lockdown when you being to see friends and family. Make sure you take care of yourself and allow yourself to feel those feelings. You may find there are people around you that need some support too! Don’t forget we have lots of services available at the University so please get in touch with us if we can help!

Get involved in events

As restrictions are eased, we’ll be offering more events at the University on campus and in accommodation and a gradual return to face-to-face teaching. Get involved where you can and use the opportunities to see your friends and make the most of your time on campus.

Don’t forget when returning to University you should take two lateral flow tests, 3-4 days apart, with a negative result before coming back to accommodation or face-to-face events. You can use the University testing facilities by going to

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jhobson a UOL Student and Marketing Co-ordinator for Accommodation and Residence Life. Get in touch by emailing or calling 0116 223 1493.
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