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Intro Week 2021

By BZLeicester 24 Aug 2021

Saturday 18th September - Moving into your accommodation and rounders
The LUSUMA committee will be on hand in Oadby to help you unpack and to give you your INTROweek wristband!
Here is where you’ll see the first few faces that may remain the closest of friends.

Sunday 19th September - Moving into your accommodation and Sunday Funday
As more of you will be moving in we will have a range of activities for you to take part in! We will be running a rounders session in the afternoon where you can meet many more new faces and get involved in a fun game of rounders! We will also have a few of our sports and sub-societies who you can meet in the Oadby Village Hub! 

Monday 20th September - “Meet the medic parents”
A top way to get advice, settle in and socialise with people who know what they’re doing. Your Medic Parents are two people from the year above you who can act as mentors and show you the ropes. Get ready to take part in some fun challenges for some prizes!

Tuesday 21st September- PJ Pub and Grub Crawl
Grab your favourite pyjamas and head out to the high street for some drinks and grub (so forget cooking for the night). The Pub and Grub Crawl are two routes that run parallel to each other, allowing drinkers and non-drinkers to experience the culture of Leicester without alienating anybody.

Wednesday 22nd September - Boost Trampolining and Karaoke
Need a break from the two big nights - here is another chance to chat. Throwback to a childhood classic where you can let your hair down! If you are up for it there will be a night out at the O2 as well!

Thursday 23rd September - Sports Night or Sober Alternative
Spoilt for choice with what sports team to join? Now is your time to choose whatever takes your fancy and get involved with them! If you’re just a fanatic watching instead of playing, it’s a perfect chance to get your favourite top or kit on.

Friday 24th September - Formal Night
Wrapping up the fun-filled week, you can continue to celebrate the start of your journey with a fancy meal, smart, glam outfits and finish off with a bang at an O2 Academy club night out!


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