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How to | Save Water

By BZLeicester 18 May 2022

Water-Saving Week is taking place between 23-27 May and is all about raising awareness of water efficiency and how we can all do our bit to save water in our day to day lives.

There's nothing more essential to life on earth than water so it's vital that we do everything we can to protect this resource. With such high demand across households, businesses and everything else, we need to act now.

There are some really simple ways of tackling the amount of water you use on a daily basis so you can help the environment (and save yourself some ££ too!)

  • Make use of leftover water 🪴
    If you have some greenery in your room, why not use leftover washing up water or your bedtime glass of water to top it up
  • Shower > Bath  🚿
    Switching from a bath to a quick shower can save a huge 45 litres a day! If you're not a bath person, try cutting down the amount of time you spend in the shower 
  • Turn off the tap 🪥
    It can be easy to leave the tap running when you're cleaning your teeth but getting into the habit of switching it off will make a big difference
  • Report any leaks💧
    If you have a leaky tap or toilet, report it to the maintenance team to get it fixed as soon as you can 
  • Wash at 30º 🧺
    Washing machines use around 60 litres per cycle so try to limit to one load a week or at least until you have a full load before heading to the laundry room. Where possible, use the eco mode on the machines or wash at 30º for a more water-efficient wash
  • Only use what you need 🫖
    When filling the kettle or a saucepan, only use the amount you need
  • Fill up a jug🚰
    Rather than run the water until you get a cold glass of water, fill up a jug in the morning and leave it in the fridge to use instead

All of these can be really effective when it comes to using less water which will contribute to the world's water crisis, so make these swaps today to make a difference!


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