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Cooking, with cereal?

By bzellie 08 Mar 2021

Ever find yourself getting bored with your usual meals?

Sometimes jacket potatoes, chicken fajitas and pasta bake just don't hit the spot and you're in the mood for something else...

For those times when you want to cook something a bit more adventurous and challenging, opt for something completely different or unusual. In this instance, try using cereal in other meals, not just breakfast!

Trust us, there are more ways than you think! 

1. Fish & chips

This adaptation of a British classic is healthy AND only takes less than half an hour to cook. Cornflakes are the star of the show in this recipe and seen as they're low in sugar, saturated fat and salt, it's much better than nipping to the chippy!

fish and chips

2. Chicken (or turkey) burger

When you're craving a KFC and you just so happen to be passing one on your way home, opt for this lighter chicken fix instead. Don't fill your body with greasy and expensive(!) food, try these Cornflakes coated patties and make some chips or salad to go with it.

a burger

3. Chicken nuggets

Sometimes you just can't beat a lazy meal of chicken nuggets, chips and beans after a long day. But what is actually in those McDonald's nuggets or those frozen ones? Make your own chicken nuggets using cereal instead and you have nothing to worry about!

chicken strips on a bed of lettuce

4. Sweet potato casserole

When the weather drops slightly, a casserole will warm you right up. It's also the kind of recipe you'll enjoy if you're a 'meal prep' kind of person because you can have it for lunch the next day or stick it in the freezer. For the perfect topping to ANY casserole, use crushed cornflakes but this sweet potato recipe is a great place to start!

a close up of food

Now you've mastered cooking with cereal, what other weird and wonderful ingredients can you add to your every day meals?!


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