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Blog: Top tips for moving in

By CieraBlogger 14 Sep 2021

Moving in can be an exciting yet hectic time, regardless of how far away your new home-away-from-home is going to be. Among the thoughts of whether you remembered to pack your spare charger or if you’ll actually need three spatulas, however, there is still room for calm.

Here are five of my top tips for students who are moving in.

1. Pack realistically

When I moved in for my first year at university I packed around twenty novels, ambitiously forgetting how little time studying and accustoming to my new environment would allow for reading. In the case of books, especially as you’ll have a library, I recommend only bringing a few with you. You don’t really need six mugs and ten plates either. Just take a moment to think about what you rationally need, and if you need something that badly which you haven’t brought you can most likely find it in your city.

2. Keep your moving in boxes for moving out again

If you throw away what you used to carry your luggage, carrying it out again won’t be an easy task. I recommend flat-packing your boxes and storing them under the bed of your accommodation. This way they won’t take up any space in your room and you’ll be thanking yourself later for having kept them safe.

3. Designate a box for dishes

If you’re a person like many who enjoys bringing a cup of tea or dinner into your room instead of staying in the kitchen, this tip might be useful. Keep a small box or basket in your room somewhere to put your dirty dishes instead of letting them accumulate around random surfaces in your space. Whenever you next go to the kitchen all you have to do is bring the box of dishes with you. It’s simple, yet effective.

4. Meet your flatmates sooner as opposed to later

The longer you spend nervously avoiding your flatmates, the harder it will be to actually talk to them. These are people that you’re going to be sharing a space with for a considerable amount of time so you may as well say hello. I know it can be hard sometimes meeting new people but they are likely just as nervous as you are.

5. Don’t bring generic-looking cutlery sets

Cutlery is going to be very easy to mix up if everything on the draining board looks identical. Get something that has a distinct feature so that others, as well as yourself, are able to distinguish who’s cutlery is whose.

Moving in doesn’t have to be an extremely stressful experience but there’s nothing wrong with feeling overwhelmed. Remember to take care of yourself and just do your best. That’s all anyone can ever ask.

This blog was created by Ciéra. You can check out her website here!


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