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4 easy, eco-friendly DIY projects

By CieraBlogger 05 Nov 2021

The environment is amazing but it can only stay that way if we do our part to maintain it.

If you’re into DIY and want to work on your carbon footprint at the same time, then this article is made for you. Here are 4 projects that you can try out which will make an impact on the world.

  1. A recycled patchwork quilt
    Years ago I began making a recycled patchwork project which later got abandoned as studies kicked in. However, I aim to pick it up again. If you have any old clothes which are no longer in great condition, cutting them into squares and sewing them all together can make a unique bedspread which can be passed down for generations. The best part is the fact that you’ll be able to recognise your clothes from each square, giving it sentimental value. It’s definitely not the quickest project to finish but it’s undoubtedly a rewarding one.

  2. A recycled rug 
    Why not make a recycled rug for your uni halls? Similar to the patchwork quilt project, the resources for this could be old clothes or fabric items that you can cut into strips. After cutting a bunch of strips, sew them together into three lengths which can be plaited into a braid. Once you have a long braid you can coil it into a spiral and sew it in place.

  3. Turn wrappers into bags
    With the assistance of a roll of sticky-back plastic which can be bought for a few pounds on eBay and some sewing skills, you can turn sweet and crisp wrappers into reusable bags and purses. All you have to do is put the wrappers between the plastic sheet and then sew it into a bag shape. There will be many tutorials or printable nets to help you make this shape available online. Just make sure that the wrappers you’re using are clean first! These wrappers can either come from your own plastic waste or you could gather up pieces to use for your bags by going litter picking in your local area.

  4. A laundry rota with your uni friends
    Get together with your pals and pick days for white clothes and darks so that you can put them in one load and save water. This rota could be something fun to make and put up in your room too as a piece of decor. It will also save you all money as you won’t have to keep paying individually for small batches of laundry.

Making changes doesn’t have to be hard. Even if today you decide to be more conscious about only switching off your overhead lights when you go out, each little change can lead to big results.

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