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World Laughter Day

By FLcs 27 Apr 2021

Is there any better feeling that a deep-rooted belly laugh with your best mates? I thought not. Haha! Laughing makes us feel good. However, it’s something that many people forget just how valuable it can be in order to improve our overall and everyday mental health and well-being. Of course, laughing isn’t going to solve all of our problems, but it can be a small gesture that helps us to heal and World Laughter Day enables us to do just that. It is a day that encourages people to relieve some stress and just laugh!

World Laughter Day is an annual event and it helps raise awareness about some of the healing benefits of a laughter exercise.  Many comedy clubs and community groups even encourage laughter as a practice to promote wellness. World Laughter Day is celebrated in most major cities in the world and this year will be celebrated on the 2nd of May.

It is celebrated by a congregation of laughter club members, families and friends in public parks, big squares, or auditoriums. There are usually a variety of entertainment programmes and festivities such as music, dance, and laughter contests. The winners are those with the most infectious, natural, and effortless laughter – what’s not to love!

Laughter Club members may also use this day to participate in peace marches and carry banners that promote laughter and world peace through laughter. During these marches, the members chant “Ho-Ho, Ha-Ha-Ha!” whilst clapping and dancing. It is seen as one of the best way that laughter clubs can help people in having a good time and reaping the benefits of laughter.

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Laughter also has many health benefits. This includes a general sense of well-being. The more you laugh, generally, the better you will feel. If you laugh a lot, chances are you will be more positive, and this can impact your life in many ways.
Laughter also releases endorphins that are natural painkillers in your body. Ever heard laughter is the best medicine? Maybe that’s why!
Laughter also boosts T-cells. T-cells are special cells in your body that help your immune system. Laughter helps bring these T-cells to life which helps fight off sickness.
Another benefit of laughter is that it is a fun cardio workout! Ever laughed till your stomach hurts, well that’s because laughing enables you to burn around the same amount of calories as you would walking at a slow to moderate pace. Therefore, not only will laughing improve your cardiac health but you will tone your abs due to the expansion and contraction of the muscles in your stomach.

So why not take this day as an opportunity to teach yourself how to laugh, and even laugh at yourself properly. This will enable more positivity and allow yourself to be more vulnerable and authentic. And finally, do the things that make you happy, watch your favourite comedians, hang out with your funniest friends, and enjoy yourself!

Happy World Laughter Day!

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