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World Kindness Day - What it is and Why we celebrate it

By FLrla 09 Nov 2021

World Kindness Day, November 13th,  a nationally recognised celebration of kindness. A day where acts of kindness in people's individual lives and society is encouraged.

Organisations on an annual basis have events or celebrations centered around kindness in order to promote and unite kindness amongst people worldwide. For example in the past “Kindness UK” handed out 10,000 free chocolate bars at London train stations, “World Kindness Australia” had a Kindness Hug event on Bondi Beach. 

The reason world kindness day is so important is because it promotes the consideration of compassion, making us as humans self reflect and remind ourselves to be kind to not just to ourselves but to others and the world as a whole.

So you may be asking yourself ok so I know a bit more about world kindness day, how can I participate? 

  • Give a stranger a compliment
  • Make someone smile
  • Donate some old items to your local charity store
  • Treat yourself :)
  • Carry out some Recycling

It does not have to be something huge, it can be the smallest thing but as long as you're showing compassion and leading with kindness you're on the right track  :)

It all starts with one action, one person, a single act of kindness resulting in a chain reaction of more and more people learning to be kind and leading with kindness.

Remember, Be Kind, A little kindness goes a long way.