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World Foods, best restaurants and shops to try/purchase international foods

By FLrla 05 Oct 2021

One thing about Coventry is that it has a good spread of residents from various cultures and backgrounds, not just the students but locals as well, this results in a nice range of restaurants and shops to purchase and try international foods from. 


Dumpling King 

Located on Gosford Street, about a 5 minute walk from the university campus specialises in noodles + dumplings and a variety of fresh teas with student friendly prices and very tasty dishes. 

Chinese Kitchen

Also located on Gosford Street, Chinese restaurant and takeaway popular to both locals and students alike, very good portions and prices. (I rinsed this place big time during my first year at uni, I recommend the Pork Belly + BBQ sauce with egg fried rice for meat eaters SUPERB) 

Jinseon BBQ

Korean BBQ located in the city centre, platters great for sharing amongst friends, lovely interior and variety of options for different dietary requirements

Las Iguanas

Located in the city centre, Brazilian, Mexican and Latin food great for a lunch/night out with friends

Noodle Bar 

Located in the city centre very close to the YARD, a hidden gem, very good portions and prices, Chinese restaurant and takeaway

Bib Noodle Bar 

Another hidden gem located in FarGo village off Gosford Street, only open 4 days a week, run by the nicest duo!  Freshly cooked noodles, dumplings and more. Very chill vibes and good food. 

Junction1ten  and AGG

Nigerian restaurants located on Gosford Street (AGG) and across from Godiva Place Accommodation (Junction1Ten), very much family style restaurants with good vibes and good food at a decent price.


Very comfy and cosy vibes family style Turkish restaurant, huge portions for a good price located in Walsgrave a bit further down from Gosford Street. 

Aside from restaurants if you wanted to possible prepare these dishes yourself, Coventry has a variety of stores where you can find what you need


China Mini Market and Wan Yan Hong 

Both Oriental Supermarkets located in the city centre, Wan Yan Hong (a bigger store) and China Mini Market ( a smaller store) both both selling fresh produce and various products from various Asian countries. 

Walsgrave High Street and Foleshill High Street 

Towns a bit further out from the Coventry city centre, with lots of international supermarkets and fresh butchers selling product and fresh produce from European, African and Asian countries at a good price amazing for buying in bulk. 

Coventry Market 

In the heart of the city centre Coventry Market, I get surprised when a lot of people don't know this place exists right in the middle of the city centre. Selling products and fresh products from various international countries defo worth checking out. 

Al Halal Supermarket and B&T African Supermarket

Next door neighbours, located on the end of Gosford street, selling various products and fresh produce from Asian and African countries. 

Food is one of those things that help connect us to our roots/culture and sometimes feel a sense of home. I hope these suggestions help :)

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