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Where to go food shopping

By FLsm 19 Sep 2019

Now you’ve arrived in Coventry for the new academic year, it’s time to start exploring Coventry but not before you get the bare essentials in. Moving to a new city is an exciting time and we’re here to help you find your feet! 

If you’re living in University halls, there’s a range of shops in Coventry that you can get your food from. If you’re living in halls then there are plenty of shops in the centre of Coventry, along with markets and stalls to get plenty of tasty food from. 


If you’re living in Coventry city centre, there is a Sainsbury’s on Trinity Street near Bishop Gate and Priory Hall, a Tesco Metro right in the centre of town where you can get all of your essentials and a Sainsbury’s on Gosford Street near Godiva Place and Callice Court. If you’re looking for something on a budget, Lidl on Binley Road is a little gem. It’s just a short walk from town and is a great place to get a bigger more cost effective shop. 


Coventry Market is a great place to get fresh fruit, vegetables, spices and all sorts of exotic goods if you feel like making a meal from scratch. If you’re looking for a taste from home and are an international student, this is a great place to get stocked up. Check out the video of Coventry Market here (if you fancy having a laugh) - 

Farmers market

Every Friday in Coventry you can go to the farmers market and pick up some fresh produce, from fresh bread to homemade jams and sausage rolls. The market stalls are located in Broadgate by the Lady Godiva statue in the centre of town. 

Food Stalls 

If you don’t fancy cooking in between lectures, there are plenty of food stalls in Coventry where you can grab something tasty for less than a fiver. Next to the fountain in the centre of Coventry, there’s jacket potato stalls, falafel outlets, noodles and pasta stalls. If you’re living at The Cycle Works, you lucky devils get to live right next to Kathleen’s which does a good pork and stuffing batch (you’re in Coventry now ;) and a great fry up - perfect for those days when you’re feeling worse for wear!   

Online Shopping

You could always shop online but don’t be that person who fills up the entire fridge and freezer. Check with your housemates first to see what space they need before you do your big weekly shop.