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What can you do about bullying at University?

By FLrla 22 Nov 2021

Bullying at university is a widespread problem that affects a large number of students. Students at universities around the country will be subjected to bullying and other forms of harassment while attending university.

It's a terrible problem that every institution in the globe will face on campus, and an increasing number of students have spoken out about their experiences with bullying. 

We've put up a guide to assist you or anybody you know who is being bullied. This article will assist you in determining what to do in this situation and how to effectively overcome it.

What is Bullying?

You'd be shocked how many students attend university who are either uninformed of what bullying is or are unsure whether or not what they're doing is bullying.

Bullying at university refers to any behavior that is done only for the aim of causing harm to others. This does not necessary imply only bodily injury; mental harm is also included.

Many students have complained about mental health concerns at university, many of which are the direct effect of bullying.

Bullying can include, but is not limited to:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Social and emotional bullying
  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Sexual harassment
  • Name-calling
  • Discrimination
  • Racism
  • LGBTQ+ Discrimination

What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is a type of bullying in which people are bullied through the use of text, email, chat rooms, social media sites, or any other technological device or contact. Trolling is another term for cyberbullying. People trolling or otherwise indulging in Cyberbullying abound on social media networks.

What is the difference between Cyberbullying and Bullying?

Bullying and cyberbullying are synonymous, and both are equally unacceptable. If you or someone you know has been the victim of cyberbullying or bullying, we urge you to report it immediately.

Who can I speak to if I have experienced bullying at university?

The Student Union is available to assist students who are experiencing difficulties at university. Whether you're having basic questions, coping with mental health concerns, or dealing with bullying at university, your Student Union can help you sort things out.

Because your Student Union exists to serve the best interests of the student population, they may also offer suggestions for anti-bullying programs for the institution.

Your friends and relatives are also willing to assist you. You are never alone among friends and family, and there is always someone to chat to. Your friends will be able to assist you in reporting bullying since you now have someone who can attest for your tale and may even be able to point out additional instances of bullying.

You can also call the police at any time. Speaking with the police can allow you to check into anti-bullying activities that they may be running and possibly meet other individuals who have faced similar situations.

If you know anyone else who is experiencing these concerns, we urge you to contact with someone from the Student Union or even someone from your friends group so that these issues may be reported and appropriate steps can be put in place.

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