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Veganuary? What's that?

By FLrla 11 Jan 2022

What is Veganuary? 

Veganuary; the literal combination of veganism and January.

An initiative/campaign focused on encouraging people to switch to a plant based diet for the duration of January.

Veganuary started as a crowdfunded campaign in 2014 by Jane Land and Matthew Glover.

Since that time the movement has grown tremendously, now operating in 192 countries worldwide along with partnerships with non government organisations to help promote veganism in different cultures.

What can I eat as a vegan? 

The main focus of veganism is eating  food that comes from plants, this varies between individuals but generally vegans don't eat animals, or use/consume anything that has been produced by an animal.

Some examples of foods Vegans can eat:

    • Fruit and vegetables

    • Bread, rice and pasta

    • Nuts and seeds

    • Legumes

    • Vegetable Oils

    • Dairy Alternatives made from soy, coconut, oat and almond milk

    • Meat substitutes, from companies such as Beyond Meat and Linda McCartney foods 

So let's say you wanted to try out a few vegan recipes/inspo? Where could you find some?

  • Original Flava - Instagram 

  • Bosh - Instagram 

  • FitGreenMind - Tik Tok 

Here's some more :) 

  1. Fit Soul Kitchen - Instagram
  2. Veganuary - Website 
  3. Vegan Food UK - Instagram
  4. Ellie Rhian Stennett - Tik Tok
  5. Lucy and Lentils - Tik Tok