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Vegan Myth-busting

By FLrla 18 Jan 2022

With vegan diets becoming more and more popular, we thought we'd look through and debunk a few vegan myths.

1. Being vegan means being super healthy and only making healthy choices

  • Even though vegan eating is focused on more fruits, veg, less processed foods etc. it's very much up to individual choices and preferences whether one decides to eat super clean or still be able to indulge and still be able to have a healthy balance.
  • It's very much up to personal choice but nowadays there are so many options of fast food and junk food that's vegan friendly also so you can really have your fill

2. Veganism is hard

  • From vegan ready meals, to vegan restaurants, to budget-friendly vegan alternatives, to vegan grocery delivery services, today's society has come a long way and has made being a vegan a lot easier than people may think.

3. Being a vegan is boring

  • Due to the growth in veganism over the past few years, a lot of brands have started providing vegan options of their products in order to cater to this growing market. So what we're saying is nowadays as a vegan you're spoilt for choice 
  • For example, in accordance with Veganuary, lots of local supermarkets are offering new vegan products for people to try. Easy vegan swaps as seen in Ellie Rhian Stennet in the Tik Tok seen below

4. Vegans don't get sick 

  • Anyone can get sick, humans are humans regardless of their dietary requirements 
  • Yes, being vegan involves a higher consumption of fruits, plant-based proteins etc. which can in turn help boost one's immune system and therefore help prevent sickness more. However, it can help reduce risk and boost immunity but you can still fall sick.

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