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Donald Trump wearing a suit and tie


US Election: So what does this mean for the UK?

By FLlj 15 Nov 2020

As you may or may not be aware, this week has been a spell-binding and life-changing week in the realm of global politics and all other factors it affects (i.e.everything). The rise of interconnectedness between countries over the last century or so has meant some good things, anddd… some bad things.

One key thing about our world being so connected is that the leaders of ‘big and powerful’ nations (e.g. US, UK and China) matters, like really matters.

So of course this weeks US election, determining ‘the leader of the ‘free world’ was like the World Cup, Super Bowl, Lunar Eclipse and a sighting of Big Foot all in one. Yep, that big.

In the US, much like the UK and other European nations, they have two main parties, the Democrats and Republicans, and thus a candidate that they put forward (after a ‘selection process’). Simply put the winner of this ‘head-to-head’ battle becomes the President (by way of Electoral College). Woooop! Simple right?!

So who’s competing…

*Queue Boxing voice* (which I haven’t been practicing for this moment)


WE HAVE Joe Biden

Weighing in at 178lbs and 5 feet and 11.5 inches

He’s kind and loving, but please don’t hug him - (socially distancing right)

He loves him some free trade and borders that are open for all

Joe Biden wearing a suit and tie




Will he hold on to his reign, or will it all go in vein

With a great track record of protecting American jobs and ‘Making America Great Again’

He’s as tough as brick wall, but won’t make your tariffs fall

Weighing in at 244lbs and 6"3



Donald Trump wearing a suit and tie


(Can you tell I really got into that…)

 I hate to ruin the build up but after a long-thought battle, with the momentum swinging early in the day to Trump, when the dust settled, Joe Biden came out on top.

I introduce to you, Joe Biden,  the leader of the free world. 

So what does this mean for Britain?

As I’ve mentioned throughout. America. They’re a pretty big deal. 

Will Ferrell wearing a suit and tie



The policy decisions they make tend to be felt throughout the world and make a large impact on the way we all live our lives.

Whether this be x, y or z. America does it. We feel it.

So with Biden at the helm and his globally-open, conscious and (arguably) progressive mindset what should we expect?

Biden, unfortunately wasn’t a great fan of Brexit and as ‘deep, deep Irish-American’ his thoughts on the betrayal of the Good Friday Agreement, won’t be promising. Also, he probably won’t like Boris (I’m sure he’s not alone), according to Politico but on the good-side he’s pro-green (in more than one way), and wants to bring the USA back to the Paris Climate Agreement - meaning a win for the environment.

A big takeaway, is that that ‘special relationship’ post-Brexit between the USA and Britain promised by Donald Trump may have seemed to drowned with Trump’s election.

However, as everything goes in the world, it is never that simple. So well and truly we actually don’t 100% know what a Post-Trump, Biden world will look like. All we can do is hope that Biden’s policies will be more progressive, protecting the most marginalised communities in society and making the world a better, greener fairer and more sustainable place.

Actions for you:

-     Make sure your registered to vote  (if eligible)

-     Write a letter to your MP about a cause you care about, e.g. Climate change - find out who they are here

-     Meet with your local MP (Member of Parliament) and tell what you reallyyy think and care about

-     Sign some good old petitions

-     Follow @simplepolitics on instagram for easy to understand digest

Remember, we have the power, if we choose to use it. We can make real change in our society, if we choose to. We are the future, and the future is now.

Power to the People
Lewis x

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