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Top places to visit in and around Coventry this Summer

By FLcs 12 May 2021

Now that the semester is over it’s time to make some summer plans, and while holidays abroad aren’t necessarily an option, there is a whole list of fun and budget-friendly things to do locally. While there’s a comprehensive list here, we have put together some highlights:

Coombe Abbey Park

Just a short bus ride from town, Coombe Abbey Park is perfect for a day out. Whether you want a long walk, quiet picnic, or even a high-ropes adventure, it has it all to offer. The park consists of 500 acres of beautiful gardens, woodland, lakeside walks, and bird watching. The landscape makes it ideal for everyone, from families to wildlife enthusiasts and those just looking for a quiet stroll in the woodland.

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City Of Culture events

In and around Coventry, a whole year of great events, music, dance, theatre, art, and more is just about to begin. Throughout the year there will be celebrations across every part of the city and surrounding area. The programme will be updated as the year goes on and you can check out the highlights.

Warwick Castle

Another short bus journey from the city centre, Warwick Castle offers shows and attractions, gruesome history, and 64 acres of beautiful grounds and gardens. Plus there is the incredible castle itself which is due to re-open in July. The castle is another great day out for a picnic or walk, but offers much more in the way of activities compared to Coombe.

The Herbert Museum and Art Gallery

The museum lies in the heart of town but often gets overlooked, however it offers a huge collection which can all be accessed for free. Reopening on 17th May, the upcoming Summer Exhibitions showcase Coventry’s 2Tone music movement and the influence of climate change on natural history. Permanent exhibitions cover Archaeology, Social and Industrial History, Visual Arts, and Natural History. Not to mention the art gallery which hosts an incredible selection of artwork and photography which will no doubt take your breath away

City Centre Walks

Coventry city centre is full of history and culture which is waiting to be explored. Check out this amazing book of Cultural Trails to help you see the city centre in a new light. Covering architecture, literature, pop-culture, and other themes, this booklet offers a wonderful excuse to wander around the city centre and learn more about what’s right under our noses! 

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