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Tips for Move in Day - January Starters

By FLrla 21 Dec 2021

Starting university can be an overwhelming experience. Moving into university halls can sometimes be part of the process, a new environment, new people, lots to do, lots to learn. Here's some tips to make that process easier :) helping you settle down quicker.

1. Arrive Early 

  • Move in day can be a bit hectic, a lot of people from all over will be moving in at the same time
  • Gives you time to unpack and settle in and get use to the new environment
  • Top tip: Arriving early means you get first dibs on fridge/freezer space especially if living in places with shared kitchens

2. Take a walk/transport to university campus get familiar with the route

  • If this is your first time in a new city, it would be a good idea for you to get familiar with the route to get to the university campus, whether that be walking/public transport 
  • This would help you stress less when the term time starts and help you feel more comfortable knowing your way round more, you may even find a shortcut or two

3. If city centre/shopping centre is close by take a walk round

  • Besides the campus itself, it would also be a good idea to walk round your city centre 
  • Familiarise yourself with the shops the supermarkets so you know what's around in your new home for the next 3/4 years. 
  • This comes in handy if you need anything last minute items for your room as well

4. Say Hi to at least 5-10 people

  • For me especially this ones a bit weird cause I can be introverted at times but stepping out of your comfort zone and trying to say to at least 5-10 people on that move in day can make a huge difference to your experience.
  • At the reception desk, in the elevator, in your flat, in the hallway you really never know who you're gonna meet. 

5. Don’t take too much the rooms really aren't that big 

  • This one depends on your halls of residence and the type of room you booked, but general rule of thumb DON'T BRING TOO MUCH STUFF
  • You'd be surprised in your local city centre you probably have a lot of the stores to buy the stuff you need from home appliances to food
  • A lot of the university rooms don't really have that much storage space so bring just as much as you need maybe after you arrive and scope out the specifications of your room you can add of reduce the amount of stuff you have with you

6. Be open to new experiences and have a blast

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