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Tips for Looking for New Accommodation

By FLrla 25 Jan 2022

Finding new accommodation can always be a bit of a hassle, here's some tips to help make that journey a bit easier :). 

Make  a Budget 

  • Figure out your price range 
  • How much are you willing to spend per week compare prices of different accommodation providers 
  • Look at whether your student finance will cover your rent 

Make a list of your non negotiable 

  • Make a list of the things that your accommodation must have
  • Gym? Bills included? Double Bed? Then categorise your choices based on these factors and what the accommodation providers offer

Do your research 

  • See the various types of accommodation in Coventry and what they offer
  • Decide what you would be interested in going private rented accommodation? university halls? 
  • Find reviews of the accommodation providers 
  • Ask friends if they have had past experiences with those providers
  • If looking at shared houses for example ask current tenants about their experience with the property and the landlord/letting agency 

Get External Advice 

  • The student union advice centre offer contract checks to students which is a helpful service is this is your first time living away from home and signing a contract 
  • Even ask someone external, a parent, a family friend etc. just a second pair of eyes to read through the contract with you before signing 

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