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Throwback Thursday

By FLrla 07 Oct 2021

     The month of September has just ended, and it was a huge success. For most of us, being able to return to the university in person was a huge relief in these difficult times. But primarily for the ResLife staff, it was a month full of activities, with the final aim being to gain as much student participation as possible. All of the activities were focused on students and accommodations so that we could interact with them as much as possible and make them feel comfortable in our facilities. Let's start at the beginning and review some of the events that occurred this month.

The Coventry walking tours for our newcomers were done in order for them to become more acquainted with the city in which they would be spending the most of their time this year. The rest of the activities were geared on socializing. Creating social places for students to meet and interact with either the team or one another, and in the end, merely to establish new connections throughout the month. The Breakfast Bars that we conducted throughout the month demonstrated how easy it is for students to form unique connections in only a few hours. Sharing their views on how this year will go, realizing that they may have something in common, and so on. Another event that aided our students greatly during their first week of university was the Freshers Fair, which featured a Welcome Village in the heart of campus with food, drink, entertainment, and freebies, as well as a full schedule of virtual events, arcades, live music, karaoke, quizzes, and other activities. From our Societies Fair, where they could join based on their interests, courses, and passions, to our Sports Fair, where they could participate in a variety of sports whether they were seeking for performance sports or simply to have fun, there was a lot to choose from.

Considering how competitive students can be, the tournaments that were organized, whether table tennis or pool, demonstrated how a dull late afternoon/early evening can be transformed into one of the most entertaining social places for them to be in. During those gatherings, communication between them improved significantly, as a result of all of the student support that we provided, as well as the assistance provided by our accommodations, they began to feel more comfortable and less tense than in previous days. Other activities that drew a lot of interest from the students included a BBQ where they could come and talk to us about anything while eating their burgers. Also, because they were primarily oriented toward communication, the bingo event and the Virtual Slumber Party were extremely popular among the students.

  Overall, September was a fantastic month, and perhaps the months ahead will be just as good, if not better than this month. We hope you will enjoy your year at Coventry University, where we will do everything, we can to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

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