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Things students wish they knew about moving into halls

By FLsm 20 Aug 2019

Moving into halls is such an exciting time and there’s so much opportunity to meet new people and potentially make memories and new friends for life. A major part of the university experience is living in halls and it just adds to the whole experience. Independency, good times and meeting new people is all part of it, so we’re going to help out and give you a run down of what to bring and expect so you can have the best time living in halls. 

What to Bring 

Before you pack your whole wardrobe, including your fancy dress costumes, check out how much storage space you have. You can go onto the University website and check out the space you have in each room by looking at the room specifications.  

When you’re thinking about what to bring, break it down via each room. When it comes to the kitchen, everyone is bound to buy the same ikea white piece set of plates and cups but hold off on the toastie and coffee makers until you move in as your flat mates may have also bought some. You’ll only end up putting them all on the top of your cupboards and have no space for them. 

It may be a good idea to buy a toiletry bag if sharing a bathroom so you can easily cart your products from your room to your bathroom, particularly if you don't want someone using your expensive shampoo! Aussie isn’t cheap, let’s face it!  It may also be good to bring some flip flops too if you’re sharing a bathroom, just because no one wants to stand in someone else's suds!

When it comes to the bedroom, it may be worthwhile buying a bedding pack. Make your room super cosy but remember not to bring candles and fairy lights. 

There are TV’s in the communal areas so you may not need one straight away but it is nice to have your own in your bedroom. Check out the room specifications on to see if there is Sky TV and a TV in your social spaces. 


If you’ve been working hard all summer to get some money together, then it would be a good idea to set a budget so you don’t blow it all in the first week. Once you get your loan in, figure out what you need for your accommodation costs and then what you’ll ideally need to live on each week for food etc. 

Do your food shop when you get here and perhaps go with housemates so you can buy some of your food together and get some of your staples. It can work out a lot cheaper to buy food together and it’s a great way to connect with your housemates by cooking and eating together. Check out our blog coming up on some of the best places to go food shopping once you’re here. 

Be Sociable 

Once you’ve arrived and you’re moving in, leave your door open so you can greet people as they move in and it shows you’re open and friendly. Go and check out some of the other floors and the social spaces are a great way to meet people. 

On the last day of key collection - Sunday 15th September, go to your welcome meeting as it’ll give you the chance to meet with your Residence Officer, Res Life team and CUSU to find out all the fun and exciting things that are going to take place during your time living in halls. 

Residence Life 

The residence life programme is designed to help build up a community whilst living in halls and the coordinators put on a range of events and activities from film nights to days out to help you make the most out of your time living in halls and meet other people from different halls. Keep your eye on Browzer for all the latest events coming up.