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The must-have house viewing checklist

By BZashleigh 30 Apr 2019

Got a list of house viewings booked in for the upcoming weeks?

Before looking at possible properties, make sure you read this checklist to be sure you're getting a good deal...

  1. Costs

    How much is the rent and does it include bills? If not, ask for a rough estimate or see how much the current tenants are paying. Are there admin fees, how much is the deposit and will this be put into a protection scheme
  2. Utilities

    Check out the meters, ask if everything is working and ask about gas safety certificates. Is the central heating up to scratch and is there good insulation and double-glazing on the windows? It might seem odd to check, but see if all of the taps and toilets work without leaks. 
  3. What's included?

    As well as bills, check what else you get with the property. Are the kitchen appliances, hoover, iron and ironing board included in the price? What furniture will you have? Do you get contents insurance?
  4. Location

    If you're unfamiliar with the location, be sure to check out the crime rates and how safe you'll be here. Have you shopped around for a good rental price? This area could be expensive in comparison to others.
  5. Security and safety

    Check burglar alarms, safety locks and smoke detectors all work. See how sturdy the doors and windows are and if you'd feel safe living here. Don't forget to register all your valuables with Immobilise. Are there fire doors, extinguishers and fire blankets in the property?
  6. Services

    Are gardening and cleaning services provided? Check what is your responsibility to maintain. Does your maintenance agreement cover replacement of lightbulbs?
  7. Cleanliness

    Check for evidence of pests or any mould or damp. Ensure the landlord carries out a full clean of the property before your move-in date. 
  8. Repairs

    Does anything need fixing or re-decorating before you move in? If promises are made from the landlord, make sure you get these in writing. 
  9. Contract

    If you're happy with all of these points and want to live here, make sure you fully understand what you're signing for. Ask what exactly you're liable for and whether you're jointly liable for things with your housemates.

Save this checklist to your phone or print it off and take with you when viewing a house.

If you're about to leave uni for the summer and still haven't got accommodation sorted for next year, you can check out the FutureLets website to discover a range of houses and request a viewing. 

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