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Stuck on what to get your Dad for Father's Day?

By bzellie 03 Jun 2021

Need a helping hand picking out the perfect gift for your Father this year? We’ve got you covered!

Giftspiration has never been so simple, just answer these four easy questions and we’ll show you the ideal gift for your loved one this Fathers Day… 

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What’s your dad's favourite hobby? 

a) Sports (football, golf, tennis etc)
b) Cooking/Baking
c) Gaming
d) Paintball

Which meal would your dad choose? 

a) Mexican chicken fajita 
b) Lamb Moussaka 
c) Chicago Town Pizza
d) Classic Cheeseburger

What’s their go-to drink? 

a) Healthy smoothie
b) Glass of wine
c) Energy drink
d) Beer

What are you and your dad most likely getting up to together? 

a) Watching the game on TV 
b) Going out for a nice meal
c) Playing Xbox together
d) Just having a laugh

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Mostly a's - Sporty

Mostly b's - Foodie

Mostly c's - Techy

Mostly d's - The big kid

a close up of a gift wrapped

Whatever you get your Dad, enjoy the day and spending time with each other!

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