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Save money AND have a positive impact!

By bzbeth 05 Jun 2018

It's about time that you started thinking about being green and environmentally friendly...

Not only is it easy but you can save money whilst doing it - winner!

  1. Spend less time in the shower. Yes girls, we're talking to you. Try and cut down how long you spend in there and you could save enough water to supply thousands of homes every year.

    Black And White Shower GIF by The Good Films
  2. Go to your local CEX. You might be surprised at how much you'll get for your old games, DVDs, iPods, CDs etc. It's worth trying out! 
  3. Always fully load the dishwasher. Make sure you're using the 'eco' system too or go old school and wash them by hand.
  4. Make a visit to a charity shop. Drop off all your unwanted items that are just collecting dust at home - they would really appreciate them. Most shops will collect bigger items from your house free of charge too! 

    Puerto Rico Charity GIF by Closer Than They Appear
  5. Have a reusable water bottle. This means you'll just be refilling your old one instead of throwing yours away and buying a new one everyday. 
  6. Get rid of your old books. You could stick them on Amazon or Fat Brain to help your fellow students who are looking for a bargain.

    Cozy Sarah Chalke GIF by HULU
  7. Don't leave your taps running. Especially when you're brushing your teeth and washing your face because that wastes more than you think.
  8. Sell your things online. If you're quite low on cash, stick your things on Gumtree, eBay or Depop to get rid of your old stuff.

Just think of the money you'll save and the positive impact you'll have...