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Revision Tips

By FLap 21 Oct 2021

Don’t we all want to avoid the last-minute sleepless nights and start revision early?

We all know how daunting the exam period can be and we’ve all been there. To give you a gentle push into the right direction, here are some top tips to revise effectively for your next exam J

Use a timetable

As cliché as it sounds, pulling out a timetable before the exam time is the quickest way to put things in order which means you can spend more time revising and less time worrying that you’ve forgotten something. Try to use your days effectively by choosing two topics per day and some colourful pens to design your timetable can motivate you to follow it too.

Practice papers and questions  

Talking from personal experience, this tip can do wonders. Preparing for the exam or assignment can be rewarding if we look into previous question papers and the marking scheme. It helps us to avoid major mistakes and frame correct answers for the examiner. The more you practice past papers, the more chances you have to ace your exam or assignment.

Keep your phones AWAY

This is easier said than done, however, phones are the easiest distraction while we revise for our exams. It’s better to have a practice of locking your phones up in a drawer and not look at them till the time you take a little break from study. All the social media applications will just distract you which will give you very little time to study and make you lose your focus.

Make your revision interesting

By this, I do not mean to make your notes colourful, rather divide your revision into different activities, for instance, flashcards, revision guide and writing down notes when you learn them. My go-to revision technique was to put all the notes on a big chart paper stuck on my wall, maybe try this secret technique as it will never let you down.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself 

Last but not the least, don’t ever forget to take care of yourself in the race of getting good marks. Remember to hydrate yourself and eat properly as you will not be able to give your best if you are not feeling good within. Do not put too much pressure on your mind and remember to take a deep breath if feeling under pressure.

You got this!!

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