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ResLife: World Kindness Day

By FLlj 13 Nov 2020

World Kindness Day is an annual global day celebrated on 13th November each year. It’s celebrated so that people all around the world can celebrate and promote the act of being kind. It unites people and is relevant to everyone regardless of their backgrounds.

Currently, the media and society has painted a negative image of students. And with the current COVID-19 situation, people are more vulnerable to feelings of loneliness and anxiety. So now, more than ever, it is so important we look out for each and be kind!

As students, we can inspire kindness in our everyday lives to the people we surround ourselves with daily. So… what can you do to ensure that you are celebrating and promoting kindness? I’ve compiled a few ideas to inspire you:

Check on your flatmates

Even if it’s a text or a knock on the door, it might mean so much to someone and who knows? You could even develop a really good friendship!

Call your friends and family

Many people often feel daunted with a phone call but once you actually dial the number and start talking, it can be so great. People love the idea that you have thought about them enough to call, so get dialling! If you struggle with this, a text can even go a long way!

Ask your flatmates if they need help with shopping

A small but kind gesture that can really help someone out in the time of need.

Offer to cook together

If you’re going to cook anyway, why not cook with someone? They’ll appreciate the company, the food and it’s a great bonding experience for all parties involved!

Hang out with new people

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! 9 out of 10 times, people would really appreciate the invite and offers and would be so happy that you have thought about them to offer.

Compliment someone

It’s the random acts of kindness that can catch people off guard and positively impact them! So next time, you meet someone with a cool shirt or a great smile, compliment them!

Be kind with your words

You may not like everyone you come across and that’s okay, but you don’t have to assume the worst either. Someone may just be having a bad day or may just going through something you don’t know about. Unkind words can scar a person for life so think before you speak.

Last, but certainly not least…. BE KIND TO YOURSELF

It’s easy to forget about your own mental health and well-being. If you are struggling and need some help, regardless of however big or small you think your problems are, don’t let yourself suffer in silence, be kind to yourself and reach out for help!

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