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By FLcs 13 Jul 2020

Myth: Healthy eating is expensive.

Truth: This can be true but you can also eat healthy on a budget.

Solution: Planning can help reduce spend in the supermarket. Meal prepping in advance can reduce spend and help you plan your meals better. Set a budget before going shopping and only buy what you need.

We all know how boring diets are and how convenient a takeaway is but the Pinch of Nom recipe book/website is the easiest and an exciting way of eating good, healthy foods. As someone who doesn’t really cook, lockdown has been a great time to trial different recipes and I have found these books/website the best so far. From Yorkshire pudding wraps to Chocolate Lava Mug Cakes, there is something for everyone.

My favourite recipe has got to be the Yorkshire pudding wrap. This is something I never thought would be considered as ‘healthy’ but the easy to follow, small amount of ingredient recipe is so convenient in every way. Most of the recipes are adaptable, as a vegetarian I have edited some of the meat recipes to suit my requirements and these changes have been so simple and effective. 

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Having a healthy balanced diet we all know is so important and we all know as a student this can be difficult to maintain. There is extensive research which shows that what you eat effects the way your mind and body work and as a student this can be crucial for studying and concentration during lectures. Having a balanced diet has been proven to boost mood which is vital for positive mental health.

The link below provides some great information about food and how it effects your day to day mood. If you are struggling with your mental or physical health and not sure what to do, drop us a message or email and we are happy to point you in the right direction. 

Food and Mood-

Chloe Salisbury 

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