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Reslife: BBC Children in Need – What, Why and How can I help?

By FLlj 18 Nov 2020

What is it? 

Children in Need is the BBC’s charity and its mission is to help ensure that every child in the UK is safe, happy, secure and has the opportunities they need to reach their potential. They support children and young people affected by a whole range of disadvantages such as poverty, disability, illness, distress or trauma. They also work with a variety of partners to tackle the following issues: mental health and wellbeing, violence impacting young people, child sexual exploitation, holiday hunger, access to employment, and social justice.

 How do they raise money?

The charity raises money all year round in order to fund local charities and projects, however their main focus is on their annual November appeal.

Every November, basically everyone in the UK gets involved in some way to support the Children in Need charity. Wherever you go, there’s a way to get involved in it. In fact, I was at the local Gregg’s last week and they are donating to the charity the money that you spend on certain products. Also, if you’ve been following ResLife social media channels, you would have seen the 24-hour workout challenge that Joe Wicks did with our students from Godiva Place accommodation. So, there are various ways to get involved, no matter if you’re a student, a business or a celebrity.

How do I get involved?

Well, there are various ways, depends on how creative you want to get:

  • Set a challenge for yourself and get people to donate while you’re completing it.

One simple way to do that is on Facebook. I’m sure you’ve seen Facebook suggesting charities that you can support by asking people to donate instead of gifting you on your birthday or maybe you have donated yourself! So, this is similar – set a challenge for yourself (it can be anything – running/cycling/walking/non-sports related challenge – whatever you want!) and set a goal that you want to raise for the BBC Children in Need charity. If you don’t do it on Facebook, you can always go to the website and donate on there, you can get a thank you certificate this way too!

  • Buy something from The Pudsey Shop

Another way to donate and show your support is to buy something from The Pudsey shop. It can be the Pudsey Ears, a Pin Badge, a Tote Bag, or a Pudsey Bear. Or maybe, since you are a student, you want a new lanyard? Well, get that for only £2 and support the charity this way! You can probably find the most popular items in your local supermarkets or businesses but if you want to see the full collection, follow the link below:

  • Donate and share share share

Finally, if you don’t want anything and don’t have time for a new challenge, you can just simply donate! But what would be even more useful is if you share that you donated and some information about the charity on your social media. This way, even if you can’t donate a lot, you spread the word about the charity to so many others.

For more information about the charity and the projects it supports, follow the link below:

 by Rusne Ramonaite




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