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Planning your Trip/Holidays (COVID Edition)

By FLrla 09 Dec 2021


These last 2 years haven't been easy, with lockdowns, restrictions and in general cancellation of holidays. We're all trying to get a break from it all.

We all feel like taking that sweet holiday or going back home for a month or two. Or even a weekend for a quick getaway. Here's how you can do it.


  • Be aware of high demand
  • Consult a travel adviser
  • Read up on travel restrictions 
  • Know everyone's risk status
  • Check in with your doctor

Once the steps have been taken you can then start looking at getting your flight and your destination. It's essential to take these initial preparation steps due to Covid. This will help preventing quarantine when you return but also help you enjoy your trip without being in constant worry.


If you're going back home that's already a plus because you have a place to stay and you know exactly the whereabouts of everything. However, if you're going on holidays, you might want to consider the new guidelines to pick a destination, as well as things to follow to enjoy your holidays within the new norms. 

For example:

  • Consider travel insurance
  • Don't toss your mask
  • Take advantage of flexible booking policies
  • Bear in mind different travel methods
  • Consider location and crowds when booking an accommodation 
  • Pack a pandemic essentials bag
  • Plan outdoor activities

With these things in mind, I wish you all happy holidays and hope everyone is able to enjoy their break from University, whether if you stay in the UK or not, plan something that you normally wouldn't and have a getaway. One day will already help you feel refreshed! 


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