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Online vs. in-store food shopping

By bzbeth 11 Apr 2017

Online shopping can save you arm ache and stress but are you getting the best deal or exactly what you want? 

Read these pros and cons of shopping online to see if you're making the right decision for YOU.


  • The chance to multi-task
    You don't have to walk around a supermarket. Instead, shop on your laptop whilst catching up on your fave tv series too!
  • Time saver
    You can store some items so that next time you shop most of the things you want are already in your 'basket' - EASY.
  • Keeping hold of your money
    Using online price comparison tools with other supermarkets can help you save.
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  • Don't waste time
    Save time trailing around the store for individual recipe ingredients, search them and bag them in just a few clicks
  • To fail to prepare, is to prepare to fail
    Shopping online can help you stick to your weekly meal plan - or encourage you to make one and follow it without too many treats getting in the way
  • Stop silly snap decisions
    You know, those impulse buys - throwing wine gums in the trolley as you make your way to the dairy aisle...
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  • Ran out of cash already?
    Save your shopping list and see if your parents will pay (remember to say please!)
  • Comfortable shopping
    No queues, screaming children, or grannies trying to elbow you out the way at the check-outs

    Plus, you don't have to carry a thing...   yes thumbs up barney stinson how i met your mother


  • Substitutes 
    If something is out of stock rather than being refunded you end up with something 'similar' in the loosest sense of the word. A box of eggs? I ordered a Creme Egg...true story.
  • How fresh are your groceries?
    You would have a look at apples or a french stick before purchasing, but would an employee who's been carrying out these orders all day?
  • Waiting about
    Delivery times are usually in 1-hour slots which feels like a long time when you have things to do. They're also often more expensive at evenings and weekends. Typical.bored alice in wonderland meh waiting
  • You're missing out on exercise
    Back away from the laptop!
  • Boring warning:
    If your list is pre-saved you will be less inclined to experiment. Variety is the spice of life, remember?
  • You're missing out...
    On trips to the local veg markets or butchers, which can be cheaper and better quality!
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Whether you're an avid tv watcher, an out-and-about-er, like to experient or keep things samey...these aspects and more, can affect whether online shopping is for you or not.

So what will it be?