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Need short-term accommodation?

By bzbeth 21 Sep 2017

Are you an international, exchange or postgraduate student? Listen up, we have something that you need to know about...

We understand that sometimes you need to stay somewhere for a short time rather than signing a year-long contract and that's why we have Homestay. It provides you with a choice to be welcomed to live in someone's home for however long you need! 

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There are lots of great reasons to use Homestay:

  • No commitment - you can stay as little as four weeks!
  • If it's not working, you can easily end the arrangement 
  • Experience different cultures, experience holiday celebrations, religious practices, British sporting events etc.
  • Meet new people and create strong relationships

We visit all Hosts before you move in to make sure they meet our standards. We make a conscious effort to pair you with a host with will meet your needs and match your personality and likes/dislikes so that you're happy!

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What's in my room? 

We want to make sure you still feel at home, away from home, so we have made sure you'll find the following in your bedroom:

  • A comfortable bed
  • Table/desk that you can personalise
  • Your bedding and towels that will be changed once a week
  • Storage space for your clothes and personal belongings
  • Most importantly - privacy. You will have your own space to get your head down, study and make yourself at home!

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How much does it cost? 

A catered service (breakfast and dinner, 7 days a week) starts £135 per week. Hosts' will sometimes provide lunch, but it's at their discretion. A self-catered service starts from £100 per week meaning you just pay for the room only and you will cook for yourself.

Check out our Homestay Guide if you need more information!

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