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National Houseplant Week

By FLtt 11 Jan 2021

National Houseplant Week

This week is National Houseplant week and with lockdown number 3, this may be the best time to keep yourselves a little occupied by looking after a houseplant! By adding some greenery to your room not only adds a bit of life to your place but also keeps the air fresher. This is because plants naturally tend to purify the air which is super important if you are staying in your room for longer periods of time due to the lockdown. It is fairly low maintenance to keep a plant in your room, but it is enough to keep you busy by something other than your devices or work, so well worth the investment! So, what are the best plants to keep in your houses or student rooms? 

a close up of a plant

1. Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum)

Spider plants are very easy to grow, and you do not specialist conditions to grow them in. They are perfect for just about any room, including bathrooms and even produce little spider plants that you can pot up. 

a close up of a plant

2. Air plants (Tillandsia)

Air plants don’t need potting or much time to even water! They absorb moisture from the air and the humidity keeps them growing making them incredibly low maintenance. Not only this, but they are readily available and there’s so many to choose from! 

a close up of a plant

3. Ferns 

Ferns are plants that belong in the bathroom as they can struggle to thrive in dry, modern houses.  The humidity in a shower or bath are just what they need and can be bunched together to give a woodland theme.

a vase filled with flowers sitting on top of a green plant

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a great house plant and most importantly, incredibly versatile. Not only is it an aesthetic plant but you can use aloe vera for its cosmetic and medicinal properties as it has aloe in its leaves which can be extracted and used. It only requires water when the soil has dried out and its spiky green fleshy leaves look great in just about any room! 

a close up of a flower

5. Ceropegia woodii (String of Hearts)

These plants are beautiful especially over a shelf or a hanger. They do need bright light including early morning light or even an evening sunset. The light from outside can really bring out their colours, only needing a little water.

Houseplants can be bought at a cheap price online, or through stores such as B&Q which are still open during lockdown, so definitely worth checking out. If you do decide to keep a houseplant or you already have houseplants in your student rooms or houses, be sure to tag ResLife on Instagram so we can share the love!

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