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Moving out of Accommodation

By FLcs 13 Apr 2021

This blog has you covered on top tips for moving out of accommodation!

It is now getting to that time of year where you may be moving out of your accommodation after your exams or before your tenancy agreement finishes to move back home or into a new accommodation/house. Moving out is never normally fun!

Below are the key things to consider when make moving out, to make it the smoothest, easiest process possible!

Start the Process Early

Packing up your belongings can become stressful and confusing, and this can often lead to mistakes. Start early. Consider writing a list a few days before you are due to move out to help you feel more organised and confident when it comes to packing. Making a checklist for the day can really help and make you feel in control. Some tips for packing are:

  • Use bubble wrap on fragile item
  • Make a list of everything you need to pack and do before giving your keys back (including the below in this blog)
  • Make a checklist for the day
  • Create some stickers for boxes so you know where to put things
  • Pack by category (clothing, bedding, kitchen stuff etc.) 

Clean your room

It is so important to leave your room (and bathroom and other facilities you have used) clean when you move out. The chances are, that when you moved it in was all clean! You will mostly be expected to leave your room, bathroom and kitchen area clean (yes that does include toilets and ovens :D). It will often say this within your contract and you, and your housemates could potentially be expected to pay for a cleaner out of your deposit if you don’t leave the place clean. You don’t need to be an expert at cleaning, just a good hoover, dust and polish should do the job to ensure you leave the room how you found it.

TIP: If you’re in a shared house, clean your own bedrooms and bathrooms and then share the cleaning duties for the kitchen. You will have it done in no time! 

Donate unwanted items

Packing can actually be a great way to have a sort out. You may come across items that you simply don’t need, use, love, have room for etc. This is the perfect opportunity to donate them! There are so many charities that would be so grateful for any items donated.

However, before donating ensure the item is clean (if it is clothing or bedding please wash this). It is best to have the mindset of ‘would I be happy to be given this?’.

There are lots of charities you can donate items to but below are some of the Coventry City Centre local charities:

Sell pre-loved items

Similarly, to donating, you may have some items that are valuable and may want to sell them to make a bit of extra money for the summer.

You may have some academic books from your course that you could sell via Ebay or asking in group chats if students the year below would be interested in purchasing them. For any clothing items, you could consider selling them on Depop or Vinted.

Ensuring you have a good ole clear-out and only move out with the items you truly need, and love will also make packing and moving into your next place so much easier!

Check your inventory

Most contracts for a house or accommodation come with an inventory when you move in. This includes details of the contents of the property. This can include the furniture, fixtures and fittings that you have in your room, bathroom and shared areas. It is really important to check this. If something is missing or broken, it needs to be reported immediately to your landlord. Failure to do this can often mean students and any tenants losing part of their deposit for missing or broken items in their inventory.

TIP: Start checking your inventory now to be organised and save time

Take Pictures

It is also a good idea to take pictures of your room, bathroom and shared areas on the day you move out. You shouldn’t’ need to use the pictures but they’re great to have as a backup in case you have any issues with receiving your deposit back at the end of the tenancy. 

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