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Mental Health Unwind

By FLrla 20 Sep 2021

Tired? Stressed? Overwhelmed?

~Take a moment to listen to you~

As a new year begins, many emotions are likely to arise. Whether you are a new or existing student, everyone is likely to experience a range of different feelings along the journey you are on.

An important thing to note first is that it is completely okay not to feel okay; and that everyone’s feelings and experiences are relevant. It is vital to acknowledge how you are feeling, to listen to yourself, and to accept that your feelings are always valid.

The next step is processing this and knowing what to do with what/how you are feeling. Unfortunately, this is not always the easiest thing to do, however, we have some tips to help relax and unwind.

  1. Talk to someone you trust about how you feel - this can be a friend, a flatmate, a family member, Reslife staff, Coventry health and wellbeing team, tutors/lectures or other members of staff on site. (If you feel you need help, all you need to do is ask!)
  2. Make a list or a mind map of everything that is worrying you. Next, make a list of short term constructive and realistic goals and long term aims. – this is a clear way to visualise what is going on around you and may allow you to feel a sense of control.
  3. Take a moment to reflective and be mindful - this could be through meditation, either by yourself or with someone else. This should take place in an area that you won't be disturbed in. - Try starting by thinking about what you are grateful for.
  4. Decide if you feel you need time with other people or some for yourself. Sometimes we all need a chance to recharge our social batteries, however much of a people person we may be. If you do decide to spend time with others, think about what energy they will present to you. Is it postivite?
  5. Allow yourself to do things you enjoy! 

If you are stuck for ideas, you could test out some of the following activities:

  • Listen to some music. why not try a new genre? e.g. Classical or soft pop
  • Practice painting or drawing something that makes you happy. e.g. A sunflower or a portrait of someone who makes you smile. You could even buy an adult colouring book, which are proven to decrease stress.
  • Take a bath - or a shower if you prefer. 
  • Do some exercise - This can vary based on what you are comfortable with. (Don't push yourself but do try and challenge yourself as exercise can release endorphins, the feel-good chemical of the brain.) You can try going for a run, going for a walk outside or even doing 10 minutes of daily stretches.
  • Take a nap - everybody needs a cat nap every once in a while.
  • Read that book you've been wanting to start for ages!

Heres hoping the advice in this article was useful.

Please remember to always take care of yourself and try to check up on others to see how they are doing. You may even find they are feeling a similar way to you! Sometimes simply smiling at someone or asking how their day is going makes a big difference. 

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