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Living in Private accommodation- Chloe's Story

By FLcs 19 Apr 2021

I’m glad I chose a private accommodation for my second and final year of University. It was all inclusive and gave me the right amount of space, independence and help to begin living independently. Living in a residential area allows you to both feel safe and secure whilst still living an independent live. Private accommodation provides you the first steps into living independently, giving you the experience and guidance to later moving into a private house or a house of your own.

Private accommodations are located everywhere. My accommodation is not too far from the University campus so, whether you’re an early bird or a night owl the University is quick manageable walking distance. It’s great that students can pick where they want to live with distance in mind. It’s quieter place to live as you’re not surrounded by the University buildings or city centre which makes it a peaceful atmosphere. However, it’s great as there are local cafes and pubs which are off the beaten track, if a quieter lifestyle is what you desire… or you even have the choice to be more extroverted on Far Gosford street where most University students go to shop and get food.

You can have an over guest over without filling forms out or going through security. Living in a private accommodation gives the freedom you want.

I live with my friends that I chose to live with, giving the fun destress environment I need after a day in University. 

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Paying bills can be scary at first but it’s actually much easier than expected. Personally, I chose a private accommodation with bills included because it’s easier for me. Paying one bill in one go rather than paying amounts to different companies would stress me out. However, living in a non-bill included accommodation allows you to look and get cheaper deals on water, gas and electricity. Personally, I didn’t bother looking because I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep track of paying each company, but it’s a great option if you’re looking to finding a cheaper alternative.

Talking about freedom you don’t have a residential officer with you, so if any fights or arguments happen within your household, it’s your responsibility to deal with it. You have to sort out any issues with your housemates yourself, my advice it to pick your flat mates carefully. Make rules that must be followed in the house.

People change and from what I experienced communication and respect is what is needed in a house. Everyone has come from different backgrounds and upbringings so, in general at home, at University and at work also speak and act with care and awareness for other people.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience in a private accommodation. It helped me grow as a person. I’ve become for independent, aware of money control and learnt how to cook! 

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