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How YOU can save some energy

By bzbeth 12 Jul 2018

We are all a lot more focused on being green, saving the environment and just saving energy overall.

At CU, we're focused on reducing our carbon footprint but we can't do that without your help. That's why we have put all our advice and hacks in one place so that understand how easy it really is.

Save energy with... TRAVEL

1. Jump on public transport. It's cheaper and a LOT better for the environment. You can get unlimited bus travel in Coventry for £1.05 or it's only £30 for a month. Bargain!

2. Walking is one of the easiest exercises you can do and it's the healthiest way to get around (for you and the environment). 

3. If you do ever feel like you need to use a car, then make sure you car share to make that slightly smaller impact on the environment.

Save energy with... ENERGY

1. Keep the lights and heating off in summer and when the weather is warm. You don't need them when it stays light (and warm) until late evening.

2. Set your washing machine to no more than 30°c. Don't worry about it washing your clothes, it's foolproof!

3. Invest in some energy efficient light bulbs. It might seem like a small change but they reduce energy consumptions by 90% - seems like a good idea to us.

4. Switch your boiler off! Ok, not when you and your housemates are in and showering/cooking etc but when you go home for the summer holidays. If you're away over Christmas, set the temperate to a very low temperate so that the pipes don't freeze.

5. Put a lid on saucepans when you're cooking to save energy but also cook your food quicker. Another cooking energy saving hack - only boil the amount of water you actually need.

Save energy with... FOOD

1. Plan your meals in advance. This way you know how much you need for the week and it means less waste.

2. Whenever you have got some leftovers then you can freeze them or give them to your flatmates - if you're feeling friendly. 

3. If you need any other ways to use food to make the most of out of your leftovers, head to

4. It's always better to shop locally and support high street businesses. Keep your money with your community because it's well known that they're a little bit more ethical than supermarkets. Coventry Market has some great bargains.

Now that you know how to save energy, you've got no excuses. Time to go green people!