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How to Revise Effectively for Exams

By FLcs 25 Mar 2021

Revising for exams can be an incredibly difficult and stressful time, especially as we approach exam season. Without a proper plan, it can be easy to develop bad revision habits. Revision is something that you can never have too many techniques and tricks for. There’s always a new way to revise that may or may not work for you. Here are some of my top tips for you:

Start early

I cannot stress this enough! I have so many friends who cram last minute and it just adds stress and means you won’t get quality revision. The earlier you start and the more organised you are, the greater your chance of getting those top grades! It also prevents stress, cramming revision, and all-nighters. Try revising in the morning as this is when your brain is fresher, and you’ll be less likely staying up at night revising.

Make a plan

It may be worth making a detailed revision timetable which you can include what you need to revise and any deadlines. You can set out time for socialising, exercising, and any other breaks or plans you might have. If you stick to your plan, you’re guaranteed to get the things you have set out to do, done.

Find a method that works for you

There are so many ways to revise: flashcards, past papers, mind maps, group work, or recording yourself talking and playing it back. You may need to trial and error this until you are able to find what works for you. What may work for your friend or revision partner may not be work for you. And what may work well for one exam may not be the best method for another. All the more reason to start early and figure what works for you!

Take breaks

Most people aren’t able to revise constantly for hours and hours on end. Taking regular breaks can boost more effective revision sessions and can allow you to maintain your productivity and motivation over longer periods of time.

Get a good night’s sleep

Getting at least 8 hours of sleep at a reasonable time means that you'll wake up earlier and fit in revision during the daytime. Sometimes revising later is unavoidable but try to keep late nights to a minimum.

And finally, I wish you the best of luck for your exams! I’m sure you’ll ace them!

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