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a bed with fairy lights on it


How to make your room homely? Dorm room ideas.

By FLrla 27 Sep 2021

University may be one of the first times you’ve lived away from home, it's going to be a very different experience but one thing I love the most is the freedom of it all, and my favourite part was decorating my room! Here are some of my tips on how to make your room more homely. LETS GO! 

Find Inspiration and Make your room your own 

  • Think of your room as your  “safe haven”. After a long day of lectures, all you wanna do is come home to somewhere that really feels like your safe space.  

  • So where can you start? Find Inspiration! I used Pinterest, google and youtube for this. GET CREATIVE and make it your own.

LED Lights and Fairy Lights 

  • They give the room a different vibe, and can be brightened or dimmed to use as night lights giving that real comfy or chill feel.
  • With Christmas coming you may be able to find some good deals :)

Drilling is not allowed in FutureLets halls, so what alternatives would you have?

  • Command Strips and Hooks to the rescue! Giving you the ability to hang up the decor on your walls damage-free. I’m very sure you want that deposit back intact, so consider carefully how you hand up any additional decor. 

  • Blu-Tack seems like the easy option, but it usually leaves behind greasy marks which are impossible to clean off, meaning you will likely be charged for re-painting.

Decor and accessories are the way to go!

  • Little bits and bobs around your room to give it a more homely feel 

  • A few plants? A  colourful rug or throw? A photo of your dog? A few things that can add a bit of life to your 4 walls 

  • Oh and always make the most of that student discount, you’d be surprised what deals you can find!

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