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How prepared are you for your exams?

By bzellie 26 Apr 2021

Exams are not far away so it's time to dust off those revision book cobwebs and get out the highlighters!

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By now we hope you'll know what to expect when it comes round to the exam period, but here's an extra little helping hand to make sure you are fully prepared...

1. Get your routine nailed
Now you haven't got as many lectures, it's easy to waste your days watching Netflix, but avoid this and get a plan of what revision you will be doing and when. Write it up and stick it up on your wall, ticking each block of revision off will give you great satisfaction, but just remember to schedule in breaks, exercise and socialising.

2. Get in the zone
Since your last exam, you may have realised what environment works best for you to revise in. Working in a quiet environment with minimal distractions tends to be the best, although it does vary from student to student. Whether that's in your room or in a study space at the library, finding somewhere you can concentrate is important.

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3. Stay healthy and hydrated
It may seem like the only things that can get you through revision is coffee, energy drinks and comfort food, but that's not the case. Eating the right food can reduce your stress, make your brain perform better and drinking water will keep you alert, crucial when you're trying to do hours of revision.

4. Get a good nights sleep
Staying up till 4am is a big no-no. Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night as this can have a massive effect on productivity and concentration, both of which are crucial to have when it comes to revision.

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5. Make sure your revision is effective
Using revision methods like your friends may not actually work for you, we all have our own ways of learning so find yours and stick to what works. If you already know your most effective method, great, but if not take the VARK questionnaire to find out what revision techniques would be best for you.

Good luck and remember all you can do is your best, so go and smash them!

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