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Houses VS Halls

By FLsm 29 Mar 2021

For many students, staying in halls in their first year seems to be the obvious choice. You go off to uni without knowing anyone and staying in halls is a great way of meeting people. When it comes to finding your second year accommodation, the big decision to make is whether to stay in halls or find a house to rent. You may have only just settled into life in halls but November is a good time to start thinking about where you’d like to stay next year. Plus, you can make sure you get a place you really like if you book early.


There’s many benefits to living in university halls. For a start, you won’t have to worry about bills as they’re all included in the price so you know you just need to make your student accommodation payments and that includes everything. You then won’t need to worry about budgeting separately and any unexpected bill surprises. 

If you enjoy where you’re living and don’t want to have to upsticks and move, then halls would be a great option for you. Living in halls also means you get the added benefit of having on-site staff and security if you need assistance and if you’re staying in halls again, you get to meet a load of new people which will help to expand your social network. 

Halls are purpose built for students and are conveniently located near to campus and the university community. At Coventry University, you also have the added benefit of having a ResLife team that put on a range of events to enhance your time at university, from film nights to days out and events. Living in halls can help you to feel like you’re part of a community. 

PLUS you can get a discount and rewards for living in a showflat - winner!

If you're currently living in halls and would like to re-book for next year you can apply here.


If you know who you’d like to live with, choosing a house could be the best option for you. You can choose from 1- 10 bedroom houses depending on the size of your group, and prices range from £300pm to £850pm depending on what features you want.

You can then have control over who you live with and you can also benefit from having a cosy house that you can make your own. Even if you’re on your own and you prefer the idea of living in a house, you can still rent a room on an individual basis. 

Houses are often in residential areas so you can experience a different area of the city and a nice local! Yet you can still rent houses which are near enough to university or are on a public transport link so you can easily get to your lectures on time. 

Remember, your FutureLets university housing team isn't just there just to place you in university managed accommodation; staff there can help you find a private housing option, too. FutureLets have an approved list of private providers, and can help you find housing that meets your needs. Check out to discover the range of houses on offer. 

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