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Go To Christmas Decoration For Your Dorm

By FLrla 12 Nov 2021

Christmas Dorm Room decoration:

As Christmas is nearing, here are some essential decorations you need to make your accommodation dorm feel the Christmas magic.

Number 1: Fairy Lights:

Fairy lights are considered one of the most important things when talking about Christmas decoration, as they can create a whole new different vibe. They are very easy to find and easy to hang up. They range from white to red to green, ranging in shape, from little bulbs to snowflake-shaped fairy lights.

Here is my recommendation:

Number 2: Mini Christmas Tree:

Mini Christmas tree. Now it would not feel like Christmas without a Christmas tree. But since we're in our dorms buying a full-sized Christmas tree would not work, so the next best thing I recommended are a mini-Christmas tree. They are easy to find in most stores, come in a huge variety of styles. They are affordable and will not take up much space. 

Number 3: Tinsel:

Tinsels are very easy to find and a perfect way to set the Christmas mood in your accommodation. All you need to do is stick it around the walls of your dorm and that’s it. It can be different colours such as the classic Christmas colour of red, white, green.

Number 4: Paper Snowflake:

Paper snowflakes are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to decorate your dorm. By using plain paper, coloured paper, old assignment paper, cut and fold the perfect and unique snowflake to decorate around!

Number 5: Christmas ornaments:

With any leftover ornament from the mini-Christmas tree, use them to decorate your room by sticking them on the doors and walls. For the ceiling and the windows attach the ornaments onto a string and stick the strings to the ceiling or windows. Note: make sure you are using tape that doesn’t damage the walls of your accommodation.

Number 6: Decorating your dorm doors:

Simply wrap your room door with Christmas wrapping paper and tape it to your door to complete the look and a bow and you are done. This makes your door look like a present waiting to be opened.