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Couch Co-Op


Games to bond with friends

By FLrla 23 Nov 2021

Socialising can be hard at times, and during your University time, you want to make sure you relax and bond with people while enjoying your time. To do so, why not play some Co-Op games with a friend or multiple friends? You can have a chat, laugh and enjoy your evening without having to stress or overthink conversation topics.

Here are some of the best Co-Op games to try out and enjoy with your friends. It's a multi-generational and multi-levelled list so there's something for everyone.

1. Overcooked 1 and 2

The Overcooked games are good party games where you work together with people to deliver food to customers. It requires good communication and speed. Despite its cute artstyle and animations it's a hell of a ride. If you're a fan of sitting in the couch and enjoy a fun game with a friend, this game is perfect. With the possibility of having 4 other people with you, you can be your own chef, perhaps immitate Gordan Ramsay. Go wild! 

2. It Takes Two

Next on the list, is a more recent title, the clue for this one is in the name. It's a game that requires cooperation between two people to achieve the end goal. Becoming human a game. It's a fun, wacky, crazy game and its variety in elements helps the game feel fresh. It's a bit goofy and cringy at times but if you have a friend, teamwork will make the dream work and the playtime can be very rewarding. 

3. Portal 2 

As the only Co-Op game of the series, Portal 2 is the imperative, impossible to miss, Co-Op experience. For anyone at any level. It's a classic of its genre and it's a game that survived the test of time. Portal covers everything from puzzles to storyline to a rich voice acting that helps you feel involved. A robot controls you and puts you through challenges that only two brains can solve, either by needing the weight of another player to get across or by needing some on theirs side of the map, the game makes sure one can only move if the other assists. 

4. Halo: The Master Chief Collection 

As far as couch co-op goes, Halo isn't really your casual experience, however, if you're looking for something different like strategy and precision then Halo has it. As one of the best FPS of its generation, having missions to go through and blasting enemies in the face, the game has the fundamental element of needing other players to progress through it. Additionally, having the full collection is perfet to keep you engaged for a while as it has every Halo to go through. The split screen perspective helps planning and seeing everything from each others perspective and there's nothing like splitting the bond of  'I drive, you shoot'.

5. Don't Starve Together 

If you're looking for a long term commitment where you can always hop in and out when you feel like it with no actual need to be present in everything but still see the effects of things you do, Don't Starve Together delivers it. As an open world survival game, DST requires the players to survive the harsh seasons while also defeating monsters and creating a base. Its a 2D game based on titles such as Minecraft and it's perfect for you and your friends to create a 'hub' where you can all meet and defeat bosses together, not as easy as you might think. Since the game has no end to it, you creative and imagination are what drives the game forward and that opens doors to endless hours of gameplay.