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FAQ: What happens if an instalment isn't made?

By bzdani 06 Feb 2018

What happens if an instalment isn't made? 

If you fail to pay an instalment the debt collection process will commence as follows: 

  • You will be sent a letter to your term-time address reminding you that the payment is due
  • You have the option to seek advice from the Senior Debt Officer in the Accommodation Office and/or the Students' Union Advice Centre, which is a free, independent and confidential service for all students

If a suitable arrangement for the payment cannot be agreed, then a Notice to Quit will be delivered to you and the payment of the outstanding instalment will be required to be made in 28 days or you will be expected to vacate the accommodation.

*You are still liable for the whole accommodation fee until the end of the contract period, unless you find a suitable replacement student to take over your contract.

If you fail to make the payment or fail to vacate, you will receive a final letter which will allow you a further 5 days within which to make the payment before the debt is referred to Legal services. Legal Services will issue proceedings in the County Court to recover the money owned and/or to evict. A County Court judgement may seriously affect your future credit rating.

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