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Essential items to bring to Uni - International Students

By FLtt 23 Mar 2021

Moving to uni soon and not sure what to bring? Here’s a checklist of essential items that you will need when moving away from home!

Important Documents

This could include (but not limited to): valid passport; University admission acceptance letter; course acceptance letter; accommodation contract; student finance documents; and any other documents that you have that could be needed.

If you can, get a bank card before moving to the accommodation. It doesn’t have to be from the UK bank, it could be something like Revolut that is accepted internationally. This will make your life so much easier, especially considering that there are more and more cashless places around here.

Electrical Items

This is self-explanatory – bring whatever you have! The most important ones that you will definitely be using would include your phone, laptop, headphones and all the devices’ chargers! P.S. don’t forget to get the socket adaptors too if you need it!

Kitchen Essentials

This depends on your chosen accommodation type, on whether it’s catered or not but my advice to you (from a person who moved with one suitcase on the plane), bring your favourite mug. That’s it. Everything else that you need – you can get it at local shops, like Wilko or order it online from Amazon! Taking anything else from home will just take up your space.

 Bedroom Essentials

Yet another thing that I would get upon arrival. Items, such as duvets and pillows would take up a lot of the much-needed space so it would be much easier to get it here. On the plus side, most of the accommodation types will give you an opportunity to purchase the bedding pack so that may be something to look into before you arrive!

 Bathroom Items

In terms of bringing something over, think about what you would need for the first night and the morning after and bring those items! This could be your toothbrush, travel sized toiletries, hairbrush, your makeup, plasters (I always have some on me just in case), sanitary products, personal supplies, e.g. your contact lens solution, and your medication.


As you’re coming to the UK, remember that we have seasons! There will be warm days, there will be cold days, and you will definitely see a lot of rain. Your must take items should include your everyday clothes because that’s what you’ll be living in most of the time; some dresses/skirts or smart shirts and trousers for nights out; rain and winter coats; pyjamas; gloves; hats; all types of shoes (you can get that here if you have no space); gym clothes; swimming kit (we have a waterpark here in Coventry so this is a must!); and one or two smart outfits – once you start going to job interviews, you’ll need it.


This is completely up to you and what you use. If you have already bought a planner for the new year, bring it with you! Everything else you can get from the local shops or order it online. Trust me, the most important thing you will need is your laptop.

 Some other things to think about…

A backpack or a handbag; a padlock; some cash (especially if you haven’t got a bank card); water bottle; religious text; pack of cards (this is always a great item to have with you, especially when meeting your new flatmates); a teabag and some snacks that remind you of home (you’ll need it for your first night in the new place).

I know moving to another country can seem daunting but trust me, you can do this and it will be easier than it looks! On my first night, I was so exhausted, I just went to sleep instead of having dinner. The first day and night is the hard part, after that the fun part begins. Good luck!

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