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#DontBeDaft: The Gas Safety Series

By bzbeth 16 Feb 2018

You might think that these are the sign for a good night out or you're feeling a bit hungover...

BUT it could be something more serious - carbon monoxide poisoning.

We understand that this isn't at the top of your priority list but if you are having any issues with gas appliances or think they might not be 100%, listen up!

  • Your landlord MUST keep all your gas appliances serviced and in good condition during your time living there.
  • Every 12 months your property should have a Gas Safe registered engineer to carry out a check. If this hasn't happened whilst you've lived there, ask your landlord. You should have been provided with a record of this when you moved in.
  • If your landlord has arranged for a gas engineer to visit your accommodation, always let them in but only once you've checked ID for: licence number, start and expiry date, security hologram, work the engineer is qualified to do and up-to-date qualifications.

This is the landlord's opportunity so ask them to sort it to give you peace of mind that you have nothing to worry about and you remain fit and well!

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