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#Dontbedaft: The Cycling Series

By bzdani 09 Feb 2018

Have you brought your bike to uni? 

The last thing you want is your bike being nicked whilst you're in a lecture!

Not to worry, your university campus will be secure so chances of this happening are pretty slim but it's better to be safe than sorry:

  1. Use a bike shed
    These will be dotted around your campus in safe places that are surrounded by CCTV. So, if anyone was to try to steal your bike they would be recorded.
     cheezburger awkward cctv awkwardmindwa GIF
  2. Use D-locks
    When leaving your bike at a bike shed or railing in town/on campus, make sure that you use a D-lock instead of bike chain. They are a lot more secure and harder to break!
    gemmacampuslifecouk  GIF
  3. Get registered!
    You can easily register your bike with the Police so if it was ever to go missing, it can be easily traced and hopefully, you'll be reunited with your bike in no time! You can register it onlinegemmacampuslifecouk  GIF
  4. Get some lights and a helmet
    If you're out and about at night, then make sure your bike has lights so you can easily be seen by cars and pedestrians. Get yourself some hi-vis clothing too. A helmet might not be the best fashion accessory but neither is a head injury - always wear one!@SummerBreak summer break helmet summerbreak GIF

Follow these tips and you and your bike will have a happy life together...

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