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#DontBeDaft: The Car Series

By bzbeth 23 Mar 2018

If you're lucky enough to have a car then surely, you'll want to take the best possible care of it, right?

Whether you're living in halls or in private accommodation, you won't be able to keep an eye on your car all the time and we don't want thieves targeting it!

Follow our advice and you shouldn't have any problems on your hands (fingers crossed) - they're all pretty simple:

  1. Take everything out of your car when you get out because leaving your phone, headphones, wallet or even trainers in there is asking for trouble. If you don't want to carry everything around each time then lock them in the boot out of sight.  Don't make it easy for thieves!

  2. Got a sat nav? Remove that your car too. Even if you put your phone in a holder, the 'sucker' has probably left a mark on your windscreen which is a sign you use something that people would want to steal. Just remember to wipe that off when you get out. 
  3. Always leave your car in a well-lit parking spot. Your halls will have a secure car park but private accommodation may not and that put you at risk. Try find something under street lighting where there are a few other cars parked too.

    Close-up View of Cars
  4. Take your car to the garage and get tamper-proof screws fitted on your number plate. This will prevent it being removed and cloned which could lead to you getting a call from the police that is nothing to do with you! 
  5. Invest in a steering wheel lock. It doesn't have to cost a fortune but it prevents someone driving off in your car if they manage to get inside it. If you'd like a fancier one then ask your parents/relatives to invest in one for you - surely they'll understand...

#DontBeDaft and forget to do any of these or think 'it will never happen to me' because it isn't worth the risk.

Think about how much you love your little car and how you'd hate anything to happen to it! 

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