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#DontBeDaft: Stay safe in Freshers Week

By bzbeth 18 Sep 2018

Congratulations on your place at CU!

The next couple of weeks are going to jam-packed with lots of exciting activities, are you ready to go?

Yes, there are lots of amazing things going on but your number one priority should be keeping yourself safe. You're in a new place, around lots of new people and might be away from home for the first time - it can take a while to get used to.

Coventry is a great city to be in, so if you're out and about exploring your new hometown then just ask yourself some questions:

  1. Do you need to walk home at night?
    You might save a fiver on your taxi by walking but it's a lot safer to order a taxi home. If you insist on walking, always have a few friends with you.

  2. Do you need to take a shortcut?
    It might take you a bit longer but sticking to busy areas with plenty of street lighting is safer and make a lot more sense. Plus, you wouldn't want to get lost.
  3. Do you need to leave your valuables out on show?
    You might love your new flatmates and trust them with your life but it's better to be safe than sorry, always leave them somewhere safe in your room if you're heading out.

  4. Do you have a personal alarm?
    This is the easiest way to scare someone off when you think you may be in danger. If you haven't got one, pick up yours from the Alan Berry building for only £1.
  5. Do you need to have your earphones in?
    You're not aware of what's going on around you when you've got them in, especially if they're on the highest volume. Probably best to not walk around whilst texting, Snapchatting or vlogging too. 

  6. Do you need that drink from someone you just met?
    It's a nice offer but feel free to politely decline and buy yourself a drink instead. It's best to never leave your drinks unattended whilst you nip to the toilet too.
  7. Do you really need to drink that much?
    There are lots of things going on and you may be enjoying your new freedom and independence but try to drink sensibly and look after your new mates when you're out. 

If you have any trouble navigating your way around the CU campus and the city centre, download a map here and you'll be running around like the locals in no time! 

In the case of an emergency, call the Police on 999 (call 101 for non-emergencies). If you are on campus then call Security on 024 7688 8555.

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