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#DontBeDaft: River Safety Series

By bzbeth 23 Feb 2018

River Sherbourne runs through Coventry so if you often stumble the town on a night out, listen up...

Seen as you'll live close to town or pass through on a regular basis, it's important that you take care and don't do something you'll regret!

The Royal Lifesaving Society launched the #DontDrinkandDrown campaign to make people aware of the importance of river safety. 

Watch this video showing the effects that alcohol has on your body...

Did you know?

  • Excessive alcohol lowers your inhibitions which leads to having an impaired judgment. This can lead to you feeling that you can take more risks leading to scary consequences.
  • It also limits your muscle ability and slows down your reactions to things around you meaning that you can struggle to make the simplest of movements. 
  • A quarter of all adult downing victims have been found to have alcohol in their bloodstream - we're not saying that you should never drink, just advising that take it easy and stay away from water.

Just don't be daft, it isn't worth it!