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#Dontbedaft: Our Top 5 Safety Tips

By bzdani 12 Apr 2018

There's been a series of burglaries in Coventry and we want to make sure you're staying safe and keeping yourself (and your stuff) protected. 

To make sure you don't become a victim of theft follow our top preventative tips!

  1. Don't give burglars an open invitation 
    Keep your windows and doors shut and locked, especially when you're not there! Leaving your door unlocked and ajar makes it a quick in-and-out job for thieves. 
    burglar GIF by State Champs
    *Tip: Avoid leaving notes on your door saying you're away or 'back soon' - instead tell your friends face-to-face so they can act as an unofficial watch while you're out.
  2. Protect your valuables
    Computers, cash, electrical goods, and jewellery are among the most commonly stolen items, so make sure you hide your valuables when leaving your room/flat/house. 
    steal lol GIF by Super Deluxe
    *Tip: If you're registered on Immobilise it will be easier for police to locate your stolen property! So if you haven't already, register on Immobilise now.
  3. Invest in a bike lock
    It may seem obvious to lock your bike up, but still, some fail to do so. For maximum protection use two different locks simultaneously (a D-lock and robust chain and padlock is ideal).
    *Tip: You can get these from University Protection Services for only £5! For more bike safety tips check out our #Dontbedaft: Cycling Series.
  4. Stay street smart on nights out
    After evenings out (having sampled the local nightlife or not) travel home with friends or in a reputable, licenced taxi. If you do walk home, stick to main roads and avoid poorly lit areas - especially dodgy looking shortcuts and dingy alleyways.
    stick together lee daniels GIF by Empire FOX
    *Tip: Carry a personal attack alarm for extra safety. You can get one from University Protection Services for only £2.25! 
  5. Avoid 'checking in' and be aware of what you're sharing 
    Make sure you're aware of what you're posting and sharing on social media. Sharing your location and/or checking in at places online can alert burglars you're not home. Posting images of new/expensive items can also be risky and make you a target.  
    social media texting GIF
    *Tip: Check your settings to ensure that you're only sharing status updates with people you know and trust. 

Remember, work hard and play hard at CU, but stay safe and secure while doing so!

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